Danilo Pejović: I Like That Slovenian Education Offers a Lot of Practical Work

2TM met in its Slovenian office with Danilo Pejović and learned what a student from Montenegro thinks about Slovenia and education in this country. At home, he finished the second year of a Bachelor’s degree programme at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. However, Danilo Pejović decided to continue his studies in Slovenia due to the higher quality of education.


The transfer from one university to another is a complex procedure, associated with considerable bureaucratic difficulties. The 2TM Company helped Danilo settle all issues related to his move.

– How did you learn about the possibility of free education in Slovenia?

– A couple of years ago, I considered various options for prospective opportunities of continuing my education. Slovenia was one of them. Then I also learned that a bilateral agreement had been signed between Slovenia and Montenegro, which involved free education in Slovenia for Montenegrin students.

– Why did you decide to move to Slovenia?

– The higher education in Slovenia is of better quality. Here is also a wider range of study programmes than in Montenegro.

– How did you hear about 2TM?

– I accidentally found it on Google. One of the links led to the 2TM website, so I decided to contact you.

– How did 2TM help you?

– Moving to another country is a fateful step full of uncertainty. It is very important to have someone with experience in this, especially in my case (transfer from one university to another).

– What do you like most about Slovenian education?

– There is a lot of practical work as well as a smaller number of exams than we have in Montenegro. However, it is worth saying that exams in Slovenia are more difficult.

– Do you like student life?

– My choice of faculty was not based on the charms of student life. Now my life is such that I have to get up early.

– Have you already used student benefits?

– Yes, I have. I use student bons (privileges), a card for using city transport, and I also attend a reading room in the Faculty’s library.

– Do you communicate with someone here?

– I can say that I was lucky. I quickly got acquainted with interesting people. They helped me in adapting to life in Slovenia.

– How did you learn the Slovenian language?

– Since I come from the former Yugoslav Republic, I understand the Slovenian language sufficiently well. My level of language is enough to understand teachers. However, for the present I do not speak it well enough.

– How do the local residents differ from Montenegrins?

– In addition to the fact that people in Ljubljana look more disciplined and have a higher ecological culture, I did not find any significant differences.

– Do you already have a favourite place in Ljubljana?

– The area of the Ljubljanica River is especially beautiful and cosy. However, in general I like the whole city.

– Which part of the Littoral Region is better — in Slovenia or Montenegro?

– I have not yet visited the Slovenian part of the Littoral Region, so I will refrain from commenting.

Thank you for your answers!