Day of Wine and Chocolate in Koper: Sweet Story

On 1 April, the Taverna (Koper) snack bar hosted the fourth Day of Wine and Chocolate organized by the student organization of the University of Primorska (ŠOUP). In its scope, the festival exceeded all expectations. Over 4,000 gourmets attended the event.

In total, 22 participants (14 winemakers and 8 confectionery and chocolate workshops) presented their products. The youth showed great attention to the culture of wine drinking and consumption of sweets. Young people were keenly interested in the work of winemakers and confectioners. They asked them in detail about the history of the craft, the features of production and other nuances. Guests of the event had an opportunity to taste elite brands of Slovenian wines from young winemakers and taste sweets from local producers.

On the fourth Day of Wine and Chocolate, the products by winemakers from the Slovene Istria region were exhibited: Ekološko vinogradništvo Rodica Truške, Ekološko posestvo Vina Montis and Eko Laura, Vina Bordon, Kmetija Mahnič, Vinska klet Kralj, Domačija Ražman, Vina Zaro, Vinska klet Robi and Dorjano Korenika, Vinska klet Rakar, Kmetija Jogan, Vinakoper and Vinska klet Plahuta Iztok. There were guests from the Vipava Valley (Vina Polh) and the winemaking district of Ljutomer-Ormož (Vinogradništvo Družina Kos).

A delicate palette of chocolate flavours was created by Čokoladnica Da Ponte, Čokoladnica Iridis, Kavarna Triglav, Hiša trt, vina in čokolade Kunej, Berryshika, Sladki Cekini, 20chocolate and ŠOUP.

The highlight of the event was the workshops devoted to combining wines and various types of chocolate. Wine and chocolate can perfectly complement each other. Matej Zaro with exclusive Zaro wines and Danijel Sertič with the products of the Čokoladnica Da Ponte shop proved the fidelity to this statement. The first workshop was about the optimal combination of wines and types of chocolate. At the second workshop, the guests tried their hand at blind wine tasting. Rok Ražman from the Ražman homestead told about the rules of wine tasting and called the event visitors to the competition. The most fortunate guests received valuable prizes.

Sponsors of the project: the Municipality of Koper (Mestna občina Koper—in SLovenian), the Association of Oenologists of the Slovene Istria (Društvo vinogradnikov Slovenske Istre—in Slovenian), the Vinakoper Compant, the advertising and information website