Delegation of the American Google Company Visits Slovenia

In mid-January, representatives of the US Google Company visited Slovenia on a working visit. They held a meeting with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Aleš Cantarutti, during which they offered the country a cooperation at the level of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Besides, the State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Tadej Slapnik, met with the representatives of Google. The next day, the Minister of Public Administration, Boris Koprivnikar, held a similar meeting.

On behalf of the Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament, the Vice-Speaker Matjaž Nemec also met with the delegation. The purpose of the conversation was to exchange views and get acquainted with the activities aimed at the development of digital technologies in the country, as well as the participation of the Parliament therein. According to the representative of Google in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Marta Poslad, in these countries they are looking for “a true European innovation spirit.” She notes that Slovenia in its region is one of the countries with very well developed digital knowledge and skills.

According to Marta Poslad, Slovenia is also successful in the field of start-ups, where cooperation with corporations comes to the forefront. Matjaž Nemec agrees that the country occupies high positions in the world of information and communication technologies and adds that the future of the digital services market depends on the youth, which successfully manifests itself in this area.

He also points to the successful operation of the Parlameter website, which analyses and processes data on the work of the deputy corps collected on the Parliament’s website. This project was funded by the Digital News Initiative, a programme implemented by Google.