Delo Ranking: Major Slovenian Export Companies 2016 – Krka, Gorenje, Revoz and Lek

100 out of 137 companies increased their exports.

137 Slovenian exporters included into the Delo’s new ranking received 11.258 billion euros of sales revenues on foreign markets, which is 10% more than in 2015. A similar increase in income is expected this year.

The Krka Group maintains its leadership among Slovenian export companies, but three competing companies, Gorenje, Revoz and Lek, having sold abroad goods and services for more than 1 billion euros, managed to come close to it.

The Lek Group, despite more than 4% growth in sales on foreign markets this year, dropped from 3rd to 4th place in the ranking, lagging behind the Krka Group by 24.6 million euros. The company that last year occupied the second place, the Gorenje Group (its sales increased by just over 3%), fell behind by 35.7 million euros, while Revoz, which last year was the 3rd (this year — the 4th), lagged by 65.8 million euros.

Revoz from Novo Mesto returns to the top positions in the Delo ranking. It headed the ranking since the beginning of its publication and up to 2012 (for almost 20 years). For the year 2017, Revoz predicts 1.6 billion euros of turnover in foreign markets or a growth by almost 50%.