The Delo Website Opened a Page Dedicated to the Ski Resorts of Slovenia

Now it will be easier to plan your holiday in Slovenia. A new website offering a detailed review, analysis, and current information on ski resorts in Slovenia was launched for the lovers of skiing.

The new website Slovenska smučišča has all the necessary information about merry and, which is most important, high quality skiing at ski resorts in Slovenia. The site administrators have collected a considerable amount of data and posted it so that to present the Slovenian ski resorts in a more convenient and useful way.

They made a detailed map of Slovenia’s ski resorts, selected the most important and useful information, and paid special attention to the nine resorts having the longest skiing runs.

Thus, each visitor can compare the nine resorts according to their complexity, availability of lifts, price per kilometre of run, as well as find out which of them had the highest number of working days over the past five seasons. All this will help both foreign tourists and residents to better plan holidays in Slovenia. The website already has the data on weather and lifts operation for all major resorts, while everyone can track the weather conditions in-situ via webcams.

In the coming days and weeks, the site will be completed and updated with information related to skiing, events in ski resorts and other accompanying data.