Deloitte Slovenija Organizes a Meeting with Students and Graduates of the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty

The Deloitte Slovenija Company held a meeting with students and graduates of the Ljubljana University Economics Faculty. The event was attended by the head of Deloitte Slovenija, Master Barbara Žibret Kralj, and the dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Dr Metka Tekavčič. The introductory speech was followed by a conversation with a cup of coffee, during which the guests and hosts of the event were able to get to know each other and establish connections.

The company team presented a wide range of job opportunities in the field of finance and consulting to the event participants. Representatives of the financial, accounting, tax consulting and business consulting departments presented the scope of their activities, frankly and in detail answering questions of the invited participants.

The event was highly appreciated by the invitees, who established the first business contacts during the current exclusive meeting dedicated to employment and career issues. Many of them contacted the company representatives after the event and agreed to conduct an interview with the potential employer Deloitte Slovenija.