Design Explosion Exhibition

On 31 May, the students of the Faculty of Design and the House of Design Management and Innovation (Hiša za dizine management in inovacije—in Slovene) prepared an exhibition called Plečnik. The students, inspired by the creative heritage of the architect Jože Plečnik, made beautiful design works.

The list of distinguished works includes the author’s textile and clothing projects, original wooden handbags with a recognizable Jože Plečnik’s design manner as well as products created in cooperation with the international expert Julian Roberts, who has developed the innovative technology of subtraction pattern cutting.

The guests were particularly interested in presentations of trademarks, witty photos, illustrations and original souvenirs by Jože Plečnik.

The “Interior Design” section was presented by aesthetic solutions and household accessories made with the help of laser cutting technology. The students prepared interesting models on the theme of “Large and Small Sound Architecture”. Their creative potential manifested itself in the course of creating jewellery on canvas.

Design managers presented their aesthetic vision with stylized products from coffee bags, conceptually decorated armchairs and Plečnik lamps, the shape of which was “prompted” by the known works of the architect.

Many teachers, including Professor Dr. Peter Krečič—one of the largest experts on the heritage of Jože Plečnik, technical experts and many ordinary people interested in modern design trends attended the exhibition. The event had a bright musical accompaniment by Karin Bossman, a student of the Design Management program. Shambala took care of tasty treats.

The exhibition featured interdisciplinary creative works by the Design Faculty students called the “Paediatric Clinic” project (Pediatrična klinika—in Slovene). As part of this project, students, in cooperation with the international expert in industrial design Tac Lingius, designed the rooms of a children’s clinic to make its small patients feel like in a fairy tale.

The organizers also provided the most successful students with their own author’s corner. The event featured the Okusi Slovenije (Tastes of Slovenia) trademark for production of chocolate and other types of sweets. A young designer Teja Jeglič (TejaJeglicDesign trademark) presented her own line of handbags, backpacks and clothes.

Zmago Novak, the Head of the Big Centre, the organizer of the largest design and economic event Mesec oblikovanja, and the owner of the Hiše Publication, honoured the young creative designers with his attention.

The Dean of the Design Faculty Nada Matičič remained extremely pleased with the event and wished further creative success to the students of the Design Faculty and their tutors.