Documentary ‘Kristjan’ Wins the European Broadcasting Union Contest

A documentary film created and directed by Neli Maraž and RTV Slovenija screenwriters Sara Lužovec and Anka Bogataj won in the EBU Youth News Exchange (YNE) special film category. The ‘Kristjan’ documentary is part of the ‘Infodrom’ series of documentaries and tells about the life of 14-year-old Christian, an 8-grader of the CIRIUS Centre for Education, Rehabilitation and Training.

Despite his physical disabilities and a serious illness, he lives in dreams, has a sense of humour and optimism. Christian realizes his disabilities and dignities. The communicable teenager has a rich vocabulary, so Christian reflects on becoming a sports commentator. He tracks all kinds of sports, especially football, about which he knows almost everything.

The film describes the feelings and experiences of Christian, assessing his advantages and disadvantages, purposefulness and perseverance, being a kind of a message to the youth.

The EBU Youth News Exchange Network is a series of information programmes for children in Europe. Its editors cooperate, exchanging ideas and content, and strive to ensure that information is always presented in view of the target audience and reveals the background of events.

This network includes the following projects: logo! (ZDF, Germany), Karrewiet (VRT, Belgium), Les Niouzz (RTBF, Belgium), Jeugdjournaal (NOS, Holland), Lilla Aktuellt (SVT, Sweden), Ultra Nyt (DR, Denmark), Infodrom (RTV SLO, Slovenia), Newsround (BBC, United Kingdom), Supernytt (NRK, Norway), Zpravicky (CTV, Czech Republic), News2Day (RTE, Ireland), Hetedhét Gyerekhíradó (MTVA, Hungary), Hajbo Nytt (YLE, Finland).

At the 27th Conference of Children’s Film Directors in Manchester, held under the auspices of the EBU Youth News Exchange, the authors of the contest films competed in two categories: Information Materials and Special Films 2017.