Doors Open Day at the Presidential Administration

In honour of the national holiday, the anniversary of returning the Primorska region to Slovenia, the Doors Open Day was held at the Presidential Palace. The President of Slovenia Borut Pahor is on an official visit to Bulgaria, so his wife Tanja Pečar met the guests. The Slovenian Police Orchestra provided the guests with a cultural program, and a ceremony was held in front of the palace with the participation of the honour guard of the armed forces of the Republic of Slovenia.

День відкритих дверей в Адміністрації Президента

Ljubljana. — On the occasion, Tanja Pečar, at the request of the country’s president Borut Pahor, addressed the guests in the great hall of the presidential palace and wished them a great celebration. Then the guests accompanied by the protocol service workers had an excursion around the presidential palace and the president’s private office. The palace workers together with Tanja Pečar answered guests’ questions about their work and that of the President.

День відкритих дверей в Адміністрації Президента

The Day of Returning the Primorska Region to Slovenia commemorates the entry into force of the Paris Peace Treaty provisions dated from 15 September 1947, according to which the greatest part of the Primorska region, Istria to the south of Mirna, Rijeka, Zadar and the islands were included into the then Yugoslavia. Thus, most of the Primorska region, which at that time had been under the yoke of fascism for more than 20 years, and from September 1943 — under the Nazi occupation, reunited with its native Slovenian people as a part of the then Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Since 2006, the day of 15 September has been the official state holiday (but still a working day).

День відкритих дверей в Адміністрації Президента

“This is a special holiday. We should cherish the memory of the bygone era and its values, the reminiscence of that in 1947 we returned our favourite Primorska region. This holiday also helps us understand the price of this event, which occurred not by itself. We should remember all those men and women who wanted to live with us in the same country. This day is of great importance for Slovenia. Perhaps we are even not fully aware of how important it is in reality,” Matjaž Špat, the Chairman of the Ravensbrück-Auschwitz Concentration Camp Committee of the Union of Fighters for the National Liberation Movement Values in Slovenia said during an excursion around the presidential palace.

The main event called Primorska.srčna will take place in Postojna on Saturday. It is held by the Postojna municipality under financial support from the municipalities of other cities of the Primorska region, because the nation-wide ceremony is organized only once every five years.