Dynamically Developing Slovenian Companies Invite Young Professionals to Work

Slovenian companies have long been facing a shortage of personnel. They try to solve this problem in different ways – through cooperation with the Employment Service and educational institutions, with the help of scholarships and training courses within companies.

The Doors Open Day of Slovenian Economy is one of the ways to present a company and attract young people to work in a particular profession. The event will be held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in cooperation with the Employment Service on Thursday, 29 November 2018. On this day, over 140 Slovenian companies operating in various sectors of the economy will open their doors to schoolchildren and parents.

For example, Adria Mobil mainly invites specialists to work in technical fields, such as woodworking, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The company hires specialists with secondary and secondary vocational education, the shortage of whom is most acute. Today the company employs over 1000 people. This is the highest indicator in its history – a consequence of intensive recruitment in previous years.

Active personnel policy is carried out in the Varis Lendava Company as well. Last year, 80 professionals in various fields were employed here, and this year the company has hired 30 employees more. By the end of January 2019, it is planned to recruit 20 new specialists. The company is ready to immediately hire ceramists, mounters, bricklayers, painters, electricians, welders and several workers without a profession to work in the workshop for the production of concrete products. The company decided to train specialists in the required professions and keep in touch with the secondary construction school. They also open the Varis Academy, in which mentoring will be practiced for young people, who upon completion of their studies will be able to get a job in the company.

Lotrič Meroslovje and Dewesoft have been cooperating with educational institutions in personnel matters. They mainly recruit technical personnel, as well as production workers, administrators and marketers.

Lotrič Meroslovje, which is currently at the stage of intensive growth, has no problems with personnel search. This year, the company has hired 18 people, first of all, having strengthened a team of technical personnel to carry out licensed types of services, the sales department and the logistics department. The company has its own scholarship holders thanks to such projects as the Doors Open Day of Slovenian Economy and the Challenges of Personnel Policy. The company’s management also explores various new approaches that further enhance its reputation of the labour market.

According to the Professional Barometer study conducted by the Employment Service, in 2019, the labour demand will be mainly focused on military officers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, physiotherapists, software developers, computer programmers, process engineers in power and machine building engineering.

Source: dnevnik.si