Earnings of Veterinarians in Slovenia

According to the business register bizi.si, last year the turnover of the top ten veterinarians in Slovenia reached 14.1 million euros.

For the first time in a long period, Veterinarska ambulanta Perutnine Ptuj will not top the ranking of the most profitable veterinary clinics. In the best of times, its revenues were estimated at 3.7 million euros, but in the recent years, they have been steadily declining. Thus, in 2016 its income amounted to 1.8 million euros. Last year, the clinic was pushed from the first place by Veterinaria Murska Sobota, while Veterinarska bolnišnica Slovenska Bistrica headed the list of the most profitable clinics.

Rahela Juršič Cizerl, the Head of the Perutnina Ptuj laboratory, believes that one of the reasons for a drop in revenues is a decline in production volumes, which, however, does not mean that Perutnina Ptuj now works with fewer animals. The company’s main activity involves preventive services, mainly vaccinations.

The ten most successful veterinary clinics in 2016 in Slovenia in terms of income surpassed the figure of 1 million euros, but their average income has been declining for several years in a row. Nevertheless, this did not affect the development of the industry. In 2016, eleven new veterinary clinics were opened. Thus, the total number of enterprises reached 174.

The new leader in the ranking of the most profitable veterinary clinics in Slovenia Veterinaria Murska Sobota increased its revenues by 800,000 euros as compared to 2015. “We raised revenues through the sale of animals from our nursery, as well as through the purchase and sale of livestock,” the clinic’s manager Marjan Ivan Kerčmar commented on their success. Classical veterinary activities make 70% of all clinic’s income with a staff of only 20 people.

As a rule, owners of livestock and domestic animals apply to the clinic. According to Kerčmar, the number of vaccinations decreases every year. He believes that this is due to a more pragmatic behaviour of animal owners. “An animal is in production until it can be used for industrial purposes, then it is seized and no longer treated,” Kerčmar explains.

Despite record earnings, Veterinaria’s profit was only 6,000 euros. It was noted earlier that the Perutine Ptuj veterinary laboratory, after almost 10 years, lost its leadership among the most profitable companies, but for the first time since 2004, it received a profit of 36,000 euros. However, this was not enough to get into the top 10 most profitable veterinary clinics. For the third year in a row, Veterinarska bolnišnica Slovenska Bistrica is second to none with an income of 200,000 euros (2016).

Source: siol.net