Eco-Friendly Hybrid Drive Buses to Appear in Ljubljana

In the summer of 2019, eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGH Hybrid Buses will start driving the streets of Ljubljana for the first time. The city authorities will purchase 17 similar buses (the first batch). One bus with a hybrid drive costs 267,600 euros without VAT. The supplier will be Autocommerce.

According to representatives of the municipality, the Citaro bus operates according to the following principle: when driven slowly, the electric motor functions as a generator of electricity. When the bus leaves the stop, the electrical energy from the accumulator drives the electric motor, which contributes to the work of the classic internal combustion engine. At the same time, due to the use of electricity, fuel consumption is cut, and thereby emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances into the atmosphere are reduced.

The total cost of the first batch of buses with hybrid drive is 4.5 million euros. The Ecofund has already provided the municipality with a subsidy of 3.4 million euros for the purchase of these buses. The city’s budget involves another 7.6 million euros of non-repayable funds from the Ecofund, so the next batch of new buses is expected in the coming months.

It is worth noting that the Mercedes Benz Citaro NGH Hybrid Bus received the “Bus of the Year-2019” award at the largest international exhibition of IAA equipment in Hanover.