Education in Slovenia Is Open to Everyone

Following the principle of internationalization in education, Slovenia is becoming more open to foreign students. New study programmes in English appear in the country. At the same time, the tuition fee in universities and colleges of the country remains competitive and attractive.

Students can officially work in Slovenia (thanks to the Student Service). Thus, they can cover their living expenses themselves. For many foreign students, this type of employment becomes the first work experience in the EU.

An important advantage is that Slovenia allocates subventions for student meals. Twice a day, they can eat in restaurants, where, unlike other guests, students of higher education institutions pay 3–4 euros for dinner instead of the full price (7–9 euros).

Slovenia is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean countries in Europe. Over 4,300,000 tourists visit it each year. Many of them later return as students or send their children to study here.

In Slovenia, there are 5 universities, 48 ​​autonomous institutions of higher education and 46 colleges. All study programmes in the country are licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. Students can also study on international exchange programmes, the most famous of which is Erasmus+.

If you decide to study in Slovenia, then after enrolment to university and settlement in a dormitory, you have to receive a residence permit for the purpose of studying. Upon completion of your studies, you will receive an international diploma that will facilitate your entry into the labour market.

Practically everyone in Slovenia, regardless of age, speaks English, so you can communicate freely and avoid the language barrier. An excellent geographical location of Slovenia allows visiting other European countries without problems.

Come here to study and create your future!

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