Education in the Field of Tourism—the Right Investment into Professional Future

“Only two things we’ll regret on deathbed – that we are a little loved and little travelled,” Mark Twain said far back in the 19th century. The generation of the impetuous 21st century supports the assertion of the great writer. During the period from 1980 to 2018, the world tourist flow has grown more than fourfold.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism as a kind of economic activity forms about 10% of the world GDP. Each 11th new workplace is created precisely in this sphere.

One can safely say that an entrant deciding to receive education in the field of tourism business makes the right investments in his or her future.

Why to Choose Slovenia?

The Tourism study programme is offered by many universities around the world. The choice of a particular institution is always a matter of taste and finances. However, it is worthwhile to understand that Europe is popular as a tourist destination. That is why entrants have to think about receiving education in the territory of the European Union to join the environment, within which they will work in future, from the first days of training.

When choosing a country for education, Slovenia is an excellent solution, which is visited annually by millions of travellers. This state, being attractive for tourists, has an excellent base for training professional specialists.

“Tourism study programmes in Slovenia are very popular. It is related to the fact that this industry determines the economy of the country. Accordingly, there are many study programmes in local universities, wherein future specialists are oriented not only to Slovenia, but also to the neighbouring countries of Europe during their studies. The academic activity pays great attention to practice in Slovenian tourism companies. Lectures are read by practitioners who have extensive experience in the tourism industry,” says a 2TM manager, Marina Kosheleva, adding that the educational institutions train full-time specialists.

According to the expert, the colleges have operating hotels and cafes, in which students work and study the hospitality business in practice.

 “They can provide rooms and make tea to a guest,” emphasizes Marina.

Choosing an Educational Institution and a Study Programme

Public and private institutions of higher education in Slovenia offer a variety of programmes for training specialists in tourism. Let us dwell on the two key educational institutions from this list: the University of Maribor and the University of Primorska.

In Maribor, tourism specialists are trained in the Higher School of Tourism. According to a student of this educational institution, Olga Zhelanova, interviewed by our company, Maribor has a respected educational institution that trains qualified personnel for servicing the tourism complex. The course is attended by students who graduated from secondary schools and those who are already working in this sphere.

“Under my belt, I have one higher education received in Russia, a vast experience of traveling abroad, and a job in the tourism industry. I am already a “middle-aged student”. I have something to compare with. What immediately catches the eye—all students, despite their young age, are perfectly self-organized, demonstrate excellent skills of self-presentation, have good style of speaking. Teachers here never run after their students begging them to finish course papers. Students bear the responsibility for the performance of tasks, workshops, they search for information independently,” Olga adds.

Besides, the University of Primorska, being the third largest university in Slovenia, suits well to obtain quality knowledge in tourism.

“The university where I study is located on the Adriatic coast. Such a fantastic location gives a lot of opportunities not only for study, but also for recreation and health rehabilitation. I believe that studying exactly at this Faculty of Tourism is a certain “humdinger”. In our university, this faculty is considered one of the most prestigious, thanks to an excellent practical base,” says a first-year student of the Tourism study programme of the University of Primorska, Sofia Zaitseva.

As Marina Kosheleva notes, tourism in Slovenia can be studied not only in universities, but also in colleges that provide 2-year programmes.

“The academic process is arranged according to a modular system. The tuition fee ranges from 1,500 EUR per year,” says Marina Kosheleva.

Admission Terms

The admission process in the universities of Slovenia for the 2018/2019 academic year started on 6 February. At the University of Maribor, the first round of admission will last until 20 April, and in the University of Primorska—until 25 May. The 2TM experts emphasize, that applying for the first round provides entrants with a high probability of enrolling to the chosen study programme.

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