The Export of Slovenian Goods and Services Amounts to 2.18 Billion Euros (April 2017)

The volume of exports of Slovenian goods and services in April reached 2.18 billion euros, and the volume of imports to Slovenia amounted to 2.08 billion euros. In the mid-annual measurement, exports for the first four months of 2017 increased by 10.5%, and imports—by 12.6%. The level of exports in the total average annual growth increased by 4.3%, and imports—by 3.4%.


The April export and import indicators exceeded similar data of the last year. Exports at the average monthly level increased by 5.1%, and imports—by 3.5%, according to the Statistics Service.

A surplus of 104.9 million euros was generated in the trade turnover with external markets in April. The largest share of surplus fell within the non-EU countries — 92.7 million euros. The excess of exports over imports reached 105%.

The export of Slovenian goods and services to the EU countries in April 2017 was 3.3% higher than in April last year, and reached 1.68 billion euros. The level of imports increased by 2.6% to 1.67 billion euros.

April was the first month of this year, when the surplus in Slovenia’s trade turnover with the EU countries was reached, and the first month with a surplus after six months of deficit in a row, according to the Statistics Service.

Exports to non-EU countries in April 2017 was 7.7% higher than in April 2016, amounting to 498.3 million euros. The volume of imports from these countries amounted to 405.6 million euros. The surplus of foreign trade with the countries from this group in April at the average monthly level remained unchanged, but its indicators were inferior to the last year’s ones.