Electric Saw Manufacturer Mebor Received 9 Million Euros of Income in 2016

The family company Mebor (Železniki), a manufacturer of electric saws in Slovenia, last year received more than 9 million euros of income and 740 thousand euros of profit. The Mebor owner and leader Boris Mesec informs that they have allocated the received profit to the development and innovations, expansion of manufacture and creation of new workplaces. Otherwise, successful results would be impossible. The Company is actively engaged in research and development of new technological solutions, which always puts Mebor one step ahead of its competitors, as Boris Mesec notes.

The Company’s employees study carefully the ins and outs of production and the needs of consumers, which allows enhancement in the quality of manufacture and services. At first, the Company manufactured only horizontal band saws, and now the range of products has increased significantly. Mebor is one of the leading manufacturers of woodworking equipment.

The manufacture of saws is customized in accordance with specific needs of each client. Boris Mesec emphasizes that the professional engineering thinking, knowledge of automation, electronics, hydraulics, and labour safety fundamentals are the must-have ingredients for success, since the competitors are up-and-doing as well. In 2011, Mesec received the “Industrialist of the Year” award presented by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Slovenia.

Boris Mesec believes that investing in the purchase of modern machinery and equipment is one of the most important factors of competitiveness in the market. Mebor permanently employs 42 people (not including several agency employees). “The Company has been growing slowly and confidently,” says Boris Mesec adding that thanks to successful work and regular modernization of production, the Company does not depend too much on bank support.

Boris Mesec names the transfer of manufacture to more spacious workshops at the Alples plant (Železniki) several years ago as an example of a masterly investment, since the Company no longer had enough space on its own farm in the village of Sveti Lenart.

The reliable, powerful, and efficient Mebor saws are in demand in 45 countries on all continents. Mebor trademark enjoys a good reputation around the world, because most of the Company’s products are exported. The key markets are the EU countries as well as Russia, the countries of Africa, Asia, South and North America. For the Russian buyer, the Company has developed an entire product line for woodcutting, which is capable of sawing up to 500 m3 of wood during 8 hours of operation, up to 1,000 m3 per 1 working day, and 250,000 m3 for one year.

All contracts with foreign partners are registered not only in Železniki, but also in the foreign offices of the Company. Boris Mesec says that the crisis period showed the importance of sales markets diversification. He stresses that eventually the Company has managed to retain the entire staff.

Source: delo.si