Eleven Street Sports Grounds to Be Developed in Ljubljana

The budget for the works amounts to 150 thousand euros. Each sports ground will consist of 6 gymnastic objects.

In Ljubljana, 11 new open sports grounds for physical training will be developed. Seven of them will be located within the beltway area, and four sports grounds will be opened outside it.

The Head of Sports Programmes at the Šport Ljubljana state organization notes that the works in the Dravlje microdistrict have already started. Two sports grounds will be opened in this district.

The Črnuče (near the football field) and the Gameljne (at the covered asphalt court) sites are also planned for the new physical training facilities. The remaining 7 sports facilities are located in the territory from the Vič microdistrict to BS3 (Bežigrad microdistrict) in front of the Stožice Arena, from the Tivoli Park to the Štepanjsko Naselje residential area.

New sports grounds will be developed as well in the Savsko Naselje residential area and in the North Park (behind the Bežigrad microdistrict). The new sports facility will be located at the corner of Resljeva cesta and Masarykova cesta. The preparatory works on the abandoned land plot have already begun.

Since April, Šport Ljubljana has been spending free fitness classes under the guidance of an instructor at various sports grounds throughout the city. Trainings, in the first place, are designed to fight overweight, keep fit and strengthen the overall physical shape. Free classes under the guidance of licensed trainers are held on sites located near Koseško barje, in the Kodeljevo Park, at the track in the Tivoli Park, at Rusjanov trg (square) in the Fužine district, and on the Mostec track. The schedule of free classes is posted on the organization’s website.

One of the planned sports grounds will fully meet the needs of disabled people.

Source: dnevnik.si