Ema Klinec Takes Third Place at the Ski Jumping World Cup Stage in PyeongChang

Flying skier Ema Klinec was third at the World Cup stage in PyeongChang (South Korea).

For the second time in the season, Ema Klinec conquered the podium. The best Slovenian ski jumper of this season is second only to the Japanese Yuki Ito and Sara Takanashi. Takanashi unsuccessfully completed the second jump and took the second place, but managed to receive the large crystal globe for the final victory in the overall standings.

As compared to the World Cup stage in Slovenia’s Ljubno held last weekend, there is a number of significant changes in the list of participants of the competition in PyeongChang. Many athletes from other countries decided to skip this stage in anticipation of the upcoming World Cup. As a result, only 32 skiers toed the starting line. There were no German trio of winners of the cup stage in Pokljuka: Katharina Althaus, Carina Vogt, and Svenja Würth, as well as the Austrian jumpers led by Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. Therefore, the fight for a place on the podium continued among the leaders of the overall standings: the Japanese Yuki Ito and Sara Takanashi and the Norwegian Maren Lundby, a winner of the cup stage in Ljubno. This time she was behind Ema Klinec.

After the first series of jumps, the athlete from the Upper Carniola region (Gorenjska in Slovenian) was the fourth, behind the Japanese Ito and Takanashi and the German Ramona Straub (the final 5th place). Tough weather conditions, a number of penalty points, mainly due to the untimely jump off, and a recently suffered flue were against the Slovenian athlete.

Maja Vtič and Urša Bogataj filed to benefit from the weakened entry list of the cup stage participants. They did not enter the top ten, having finished in the 11th and 13th places, respectively.

Source: delo.si