Emergency Clinic to Be Built in Ptuj

The Head of the Department of Health Economics Tomaž Glažar notes that the authorities of the region have already met all the financial conditions for the start of construction work. The consortium agreement, which was signed by 18 municipalities of the region, brought 300 thousand euros. Another 260 thousand euros were allocated by the enterprises of the region. Part of the funds was collected during charity events. The Ptuj General Hospital will allocate 70 thousand euros.

An ambulance clinic with an area of ​​765 square metres will be attached to the main building of the medical institution. The Surgery Department will be further opened on the second floor of the clinic to replace the current one, which is in need of repair.

The obligatory share of the Government’s participation should constitute 2,549,124 euros. The Head of the Jože Potrč General Hospital of Ptuj Andrej Levanič notes that they currently consider an option of compensating the cost of construction at the expense of funds allocated for a nursing home in Ptuj and SB Ptuj land plots.

The state budget for the current year provides almost 2 million euros for the construction work, which, at the request of the Ptuj authorities, were transferred from the budget of 2016. In 2016, because of the difficulties with the final decision and funding, the works were postponed.

Source: delo.si