Employees of the Maribor Academy Pass Training under the Erasmus+ Programme in Great Britain

At the end of November 2018, employees of the Maribor Academy of Vocational Education underwent a vocational training course “Best Practices and Innovative Approaches in the Field of Education” at the Teesside University (United Kingdom) under the Erasmus+ programme. It should be noted that this university ranks first among over 120 universities in terms of academic performance of foreign students and their satisfaction with the quality of education. The university constantly invests in improving the quality of education. In the next decade, the investments will amount to more than 300 million pounds.

During their stay in the UK, the Academy staff also visited the South Thames College in London, where they exchanged with British colleagues the experience of teaching professional programmes in Economics, Media Production and Engineering.

In addition, the Slovenian guests visited the headquarters of Pearson, the world’s largest publishing house, and conducted a training course for its employees on the achievement of high educational results. At the conclusion of the visit, the staff of the Academy Maribor, together with the management of Pearson, took part in a traditional dinner organized by the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

It is reported that students and graduates of the Maribor Academy will be able to pass the exchange programme at the University of Teesside as well as continue their studies at Bachelor’s degree programmes.

Source: academia.si