Employment Statistics in Slovenia (October 2016)

The enterprises of manufacturing industry demonstrate the best employment figures.

In October, the number of employed persons in Slovenia increased by about 4,900 people. The employment rate of the population amounted to 829,302 people, the registered unemployed totalled to 97,362, or about 2,100 people more than a month earlier. At the annual level, the employment rate increased by 2%. The Statistics Service notes that the number of registered unemployed persons at the annual level decreased by 10%.

Več zaposlenih in tudi brezposelnih

Table 1. The number of employed population in Slovenia (October 2015 – October 2016).

In October 2016, as compared to September 2016, the number of employed persons increased by more than 0.5% in both state-owned enterprises and commercial firms. In comparison with October last year, companies recruited at least 3% more employees. The number of self-employed persons increased by 2.8%.

The enterprises of manufacturing industry show the best indicators of employment among new employees. The majority (almost 1/4 of all employed people in Slovenia or 188,900 persons) work in this industry. As compared to September, the increase on a monthly level was 0.5%. The number of job offers on the monthly level increased in 17 industrial sectors, and reduced only in two of them. The most significant growth of 0.3% (about 9,400 people) is noted in the water supply, sewage treatment and waste disposal sectors, as well as in the environmental health science.

The registered unemployment rate in October was 10.5% and for the first time in 2016 exceeded the level of the previous month by 0.2%, as compared to September. The number of unemployed women registered with the Employment Service somewhat increased.

A traditional unemployment growth is due to the fact that the Employment Service registers young people immediately after their graduation.

Več zaposlenih in tudi brezposelnih

Table 2. Employment of men and women — the comparative figures for October 2015 and October 2016. The first line is the number of registered unemployed persons. The bottom line from left to right: employed by physical entities; employed by legal entities; private entrepreneurs; persons engaged in professional activities; farmers.

Source: delo.si