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English is the most used official language and the most widely spoken second language in the world. Around 1.5 billion people or about 20% of the global population speak English either as their first or second language. Learning English brings significant value in most countries and industries across the globe including business and education.

For whom are the courses designed?

This one-year English course is designed for anyone who wants to master English fast! It is for students who want to enroll in an English speaking programme at European University, people looking for better career opportunities, and businessmen who need it to easier communicate in Slovenia and abroad. The courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia.

What courses do we offer?

We offer a 1-year intensive course of 500 hours:

Timetable2-3x a week / 2 hours2-3x a week / 2 hours
Price2,500.00 EUR2,000.00 EUR


Timetable2-3x a week / 2 hours
Price2,500.00 EUR


Timetable2-3x a week / 2 hours
Price2,000.00 EUR

Why learn the English language in Slovenia?

Slovenia – green, safe, and now a culinary destination

Slovenia is one of the greenest and this year’s top 10 destinations to visit in Europe. It is one of the top 5 cleanest countries in the world and safe, as the Global Peace Index placed Slovenia in the top 10 safest countries in the world. Moreover, Slovenia is a place of lovers of good food with 6 Michelin stars to prove that.

Travel with ease anywhere in Europe

From Slovenia you can quickly travel around different corners of Europe either by air or land. And while in Europe, English is the official second language, and speaking it will let you travel without worrying about getting stranded by language barriers.

Value for money

Learning English is a good investment of your money and time. Apart from personal satisfaction of learning a new language and expanding brainpower, learning English, according to The Economist, will boost your lifetime earnings as one of the most valuable languages to learn out there.

Practice your English with Slovenians

Slovenia is in the sixth place in the world for proficiency in English! Almost everyone in Slovenia speaks English. This makes it possible for all new learners in Slovenia to practice it with anyone.

Small learning groups

With up to 12 student class sizes means you get the attention your education deserves.

Use English to make a life in Europe

English is really everywhere – as the international language of business, it can help you prosper in the future either as a student who wants to study an English programme at European Universities, someone looking to jump-start a career in any field or just someone who wants to start a business. In Europe, English could be your magic key.

What does the package include?

The package includes the following:

  • Enrollment in the program,
  • Classification test,
  • All the materials needed,
  • Visa consultation,
  • Search for accommodation,
  • Transfer from the airport or train station,
  • 500-hours of course,
  • Certificate of the completion of the course,
  • 24/7 support in case of an emergency.

How to apply?

Fill out the form below or contact 2TM managers. We will contact you immediately upon receipt of the application.

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You can pay by a bank transfer within 5 business days of invoicing. Payment in installments is not possible.

Throughout the duration of the courses we offer a dormitory in Celje. Both single and double rooms are available. The price for a single room is 185 eur/month, and for a double room 135 eur/month per person.

The courses will be held in the city of Celje and Ljubljana.

2-3 times a week. The exact schedule will be know before the courses begin.

We will provide consultation on obtaining D type visa for the purpose of a long term English course, taking into account your citizenship and country of residence.

You can apply for a visa approximately 60 days before departure.

In case of visa refusal, as well as in case of any other justified reason, we will refund 75% of the amount paid, while 25% is spent on administrative expenses.

We provide students with all the material. You will only need a pen and a notebook.

The courses are conducted exclusively in English.

Each student will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

If you cannot attend the class, you must inform the lecturer in advance by any means. In case of absence from classes without notice and justified reasons for longer than 3 days, lecturer and the company management are obliged to inform the state bodies of the Republic of Slovenia about that.

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