Enterprises of the Upper Carniola Region Increase the Number of Staff Scholarships

The main reason for this is the shortage of personnel in the labour market, mainly within technical occupations. Although average staff scholarships are higher than others are, each year some of them remain unclaimed. This was reported by the State Fund for Scholarships, Development, Disabled Support and Technical Services, adding that the advantage of staff scholarships involves guaranteed employment after graduation. Through long-term personnel planning, enterprises can provide training to relevant professionals.

Familiarizing with the staff scholarships allocated by employers is possible through the form of a feedback on the Fund’s website as well as on the websites of regional development agencies and in advertisements of employers.

LTH Castings is the leader in the Upper Carniola Region (Slovene: Gorenjska Regija). It allocated 57 scholarships during the 2016/2017 academic year. According to the representatives of the company, currently they have 48 scholarship holders. It is also planned to allocate additional 23 scholarships. Monetary support is allocated for technical professions from turner-tool maker and mechanical-process engineer to mechanical engineer, mechatronics engineer, electrical engineer (college graduates, students of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes).

Among other enterprises of the Upper Carniola Region, scholarships are actively allocated by SIJ Group, which currently has 25 scholarship holders. According to the SIJ Group’s Chief Human Resources Officer Ivan Papić, the main reason to allocate scholarships is a shortage of technical workers in the labour market (engineer, process engineer, mechanical engineer, electrician, electrical engineer, metalworking engineer, etc.) Since 2012, after the completion of training, 67 scholarship holders have been employed, which is almost 80% of the total number of holders.

The Sibo G’s Chief Human Resources Officer Damjan Krajnik agrees that the allocation of scholarships is the best way to prepare new personnel of good quality. At their enterprise, scholarship holders make up about 7% of the total number of employees (more than 20 holders). They get acquainted with the work of the enterprise while studying, practicing and doing seasonal work on vacation. The size of the scholarship depends on the academic performance and on average amounts to € 210. Annually the best student of the current academic year is announced to receive a scholarship of € 550.