Entrepreneur and Inventor of Electric Motor with the Highest Efficiency—a Slovene Roman Sushnik

The future of mobility is in clean energy sources. This is a unique opportunity for Slovenia, in the territory of which a number of small, but high-tech companies are operating, who deal with electric mobility. An entrepreneur Roman Sushnik is one of such inventors and innovators. He is the first Slovene who initiated a test flight on an electric two-seater airplane. Roman designs electric motors in his workshop in Kamnik. His product has already attracted attention of the famous developer of the most high-speed cars in the world — a Swede Christian von Köenigsegg.

Roman Sushnik has been developing, manufacturing and selling ultra-light and high-performance electric motors since 2005. Earlier it was his hobby to design and manufacture sports cars (18 cars in the former Yugoslavia) according to his own model based on Zastava 101.

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When dealing with energy, the inventor is looking for answers to the question on how to maximize the efficient use of environmentally friendly energy sources.

Roman Sushnik is an entrepreneur, who did not join the high-tech companies within the Ljubljana Technology Park, but instead runs his own company Emrax d.o.o. in Kamnik, which is a small office and a workshop. “The Technology Park is a destiny of start-ups,” Sushnik says. As a certified mechanical engineer, he has been mixing in the business community for a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising that he is well known around the world. He did not escape the attention of Google and the American National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA).


Source: zurnal24.si