In recent years, thousands of strategic investment projects have been implemented in Slovenia due to the resources of the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, and the Cohesion Fund of the European Union. Slovenia is one of the successful EU member states in this area, occupying the high 4th place. Since joining the EU, Slovenia has realized over 5,000 projects thanks to the European investment injections.

 On 10–11 June 2016, everyone will be able to learn more about these projects within the framework of the “EU projekt, moj projekt 2016” Open Day.

Please find hereby the photo gallery and links to some of the 5,000 projects implemented in Slovenia due to 4.4 billion euros received by the State since the date of entry into the EU in 2004. In Slovenia, each municipality and region receives investments from the European Funds. The sign reading «Investment in Your Future (Naložba v vašo prihodnost) also indicates this fact. All these are the projects aimed at creating better conditions for the life of Slovenia’s citizens — reducing the differences in development between the Slovenian statistical regions, improving competitiveness and innovativeness of Slovenia, providing conditions for the growth of benefit, for the protection of water resources and cultural heritage, using the transnational potential of business, etc.