EU to Allocate 69 Million Euros for Modernization of the Water Supply Network in Ljubljana

The European Commission will co-finance the repair processes in Medvode and Vodice as well. The total work budget is 135 million euros.

The Drainage and Treatment of Wastewater in the Aquifer Area of ​​Ljubljana Field project involves modernization of the Central Water Treatment Plant (CČN) of Ljubljana with a triple purification system. Instead of the current 360 thousand people, it will serve 555 thousand citizens.

It is also planned to shut down the existing overburdened treatment facilities in Brod, Pirniče, Rakova Jelša, Vodice and Polje.

Almost 22 thousand inhabitants will be connected to the system of public drainage and sewage treatment. In the course of large-scale construction works, 131 km of sanitary canals, 3 vacuum stations, 16 pumping stations and a collection reservoir will be built.

The project is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection.

From the financial point of view, it is one of the largest projects within the European cohesion policy for 2014–2020. The total budget of the whole project is 135 million euros. The Cohesion Fund will allocate slightly less than 69 million euros for this project. Another 12 million euros will come from the state budget. The municipalities of Ljubljana, Medvode and Vodice will finance the remaining amount.