European Night of Researchers—Contest for Schoolchildren

The Group of Slovenia’s Universities (University of Maribor, University of Primorska, and University of Nova Gorica), the National Institute of Biology and the Franc Miklošič High School (Ljutomer) announce a contest of photographs, films and poetry dedicated to the European Night of Researchers, which will be held on 29 September 2017. The contest is designed for students of Slovenia’s main and secondary schools, as well as students of schools with Slovenian language of teaching from the near abroad (Austria, Italy, Hungary). The event should motivate young people to get engaged in scientific work, to reflect on the role of researcher and to practise creative self-expression.

The contest involves the following categories:

  1. photography,
  2. film,
  3. poetry.

Any participant can submit one work in each of three categories:

The Best Photo on Ecosystem

The ecosystem can be a pond, a sea, a forest, a cave or some other corner of our planet. Try to convey the beauty of the ecosystem through photography and show how important it is to conserve nature in its pristine form. You can take photos on a camera, tablet or mobile phone. Minimum enlargement of photos: 300 dpi.

The Best Film on Clean Environment

A short film (no more than 3 minutes) shot in Slovenian language with English subtitles should present author’s understanding of clean environment as well as reasoning about how man and science can contribute to the cleanliness of the environment. The film should include the slogan of the European Night of Researchers 2017: “Znanost za življenje” (Science for Life). Film should be emailed in an arbitrary format to the organizers. If the file is too large, use Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.

The Best Verse about Researcher

The verse should describe the way you imagine the profession of a researcher. Verse format: up to 2,000 characters, language: Slovenian. The verse should be sent in the .pdf or .jpg file format.

The contestants must submit their works by 18 September 2017 (before midnight) at The received works will be quickly posted on the official Facebook page — Evropska noč raziskovalcev.

Juvenile contestants must provide written consent from one of their parents or guardians. If a school is to send the works of its students on their behalf, a written statement of their tutor or the school management on obtaining consent from the contestant’s parents or guardians is required. Participating in an open contest, authors of works agree to publish their works, their personal data and information about their school online.

Three best works will be named in each category:

  1. Award for the 1st place in each category: a tablet
  2. Award for the 2nd place in each category: school supplies for the sum of 100 €
  3. Award for the third place in each category: school supplies for the sum of 50 €

Special prize: the most liked participant’s work on the official page of the contest will receive a special prize. The author of this work and his classmates will take a one-day research trip organized by the University of Nova Gorica. All likes placed through 21 September 2017 (until midnight) will be taken into account.

An expert jury formed by the University of Nova Gorica will review works of the participants. The following criteria will be taken into account:

  1. consistency of content and relevance to the topic,
  2. intellectual content,
  3. originality,
  4. artistic content.

The results of the contest will be announced on 22 September 2017 and will be posted on the official Facebook page — Evropska noč raziskovalcev. Winners will receive the contest results by e-mail. Rewarding will take place during the events dedicated to the European Researchers Night in Maribor, Ljutomer, Brežice, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Koper and Izola on 29 September 2017. Each winner will be able to choose a city for awarding.

Additional information about the contest: Mateja Eniko, Faculty of Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica (