European Night of Researchers

Slovenia supported the youth-oriented pan-European project. A group of 5 educational institutions of the country, headed by the University of Maribor, introduced to the youth the peculiarities of the profession of a scientist within the framework of the European Night of Researchers.

In Maribor, the events took place in 4 places at once. The University Library discussed the successful start and development of the scientist’s career. Slovenian women researchers told how they manage to combine personal life and a scientific career. Besides, the μ SVET Exhibition was launched. In the Europark amusement park, the guests were pleased with scientific experiments and creative workshops.

In the Vetrinjski Dvor manor, a presentation of achievements in biotechnology called “Excellence in Science” was held. In the evening, scientists of the University of Maribor performed together with their musical bands on the Poštni street stage.

The Faculty of Tourism in Brežice also presented a rich programme of events.

The European Night of Researchers project is funded by the European Commission and by the efforts of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Foundation. Read more on the website