Excellent Results of the University of Nova Gorica in the International U-Multirank 2016 Ranking

U-Multirank_UNG_2016For the second year in a row, the University of Nova Gorica (UNG) demonstrates excellent results in the international ranking. In particular, the University is distinguished for its achievements in the field of scientific researches, international focus, and regional integration. It has also showed good results in the sphere of teaching and training. If to compare the UNG results with the U-Multiranking 2016 estimates provided to other universities in the region that are located outside of Slovenia, it becomes clear that currently the University of Nova Gorica is the best according to many evaluation criteria.

It surpasses not only all other Slovenian universities, but also the older and larger universities of the neighbouring countries (for example, the University of Graz, the University of Trieste, the University of Padova, and the University of Zagreb).

The University of Nova Gorica is among the elite European and international universities with respect to its advanced research and internationalizing activities. The European Commission report on the scientific production of European universities in the period from 2007 to 2011 emphasized on the UNG’s scientific excellence. The report notes that in accordance with the criteria of scientific excellence and scientific impact of publications, the UNG is among the five leading European universities, in one line with the Oxford University, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Cambridge, and the ETH Zurich.

The University of Nova Gorica is on its best behaviour on an international scale even though it is young (last year the university celebrated its 20th anniversary) and relatively small in size according to international standards. The university achieves excellent results, which is not an accidental accomplishment, but rather a consequence of hard work and a clear vision of the university development goals formulated by the UNG Senate.

 Vision on development

The University of Nova Gorica has to be an internationally recognized research university, which will act as a driving force for the social development of the region and the continent. Using the innovative approaches to teaching, it will develop a progressive educational experience within modern educational specializations, which will provide for a high level of employment among the local and foreign students. The university will put into practice its motto “With the Knowledge — to Victory” (»z znanjem do zmage«) by ensuring a creative environment for researchers, teachers, and students. It will thereby determine the achievement of high performance within the advanced scientific, technical, and creative fields.


U-Multirank is a comparative ranking of universities developed in the EU under financial support from the European Commission. It aims at developing an international ranking of universities around the world. In 2015, 1,200 universities from 83 countries were included into this ranking with more than 1,800 faculties and 7,500 training programs. In the current 2016, the ranking of estimated universities has expanded and now includes 1,300 universities from 90 countries.

U-Multirank is the first global ranking, which submits a comprehensive, multi-dimensional vision on the functioning of universities since it compares their activities within five areas: education, research, international orientation, regional integration, and transfer of knowledge. U-Multirank significantly differs from other rankings. A typical ranking service forms a single scale of “100 best universities” based on a single numerical estimate consisting of differently weighted parameters. Meanwhile, the U-Multirank service provides an overall idea on the strengths and weaknesses of an individual university. Therefore, the interested persons — especially students — receive access to the information, which is of particular importance for them in the context of choosing an appropriate educational institution to study in.

To compare effectively universities within the U-Multirank project, students are offered a Web application at the www.umultirank.org website, through which anyone can choose regional or international universities and compare them according to the areas of interest.

U-Multirank takes into account 31 different indicators for a comparative evaluation of universities in different areas of activity using its five-step numerical scale: 1 — very good; 2 — good; 3 — average, 4 — below average; 5 — bad. The detailed results obtained according to individual indicators of the University of Nova Gorica are available on the U-Multirank website.

Source: www.ung.si