Exhibition of Slovenian Artists to Open in the Louvre

The works of 10 Slovenian artists will be presented in the Louvre exhibition hall under the pyramid from 7 to 10 December. The paintings were brought to Paris within the framework of the International Salon of the French National Association of Fine Arts.

Bogdan Čobal, Viktor Šest, Oto Rimele, Franci Skerbinek, Rado Jerič, Branimir Ritonja, Marjan Mirt, Veljko Toman, Zdravko Luketič and Igor Orešič will present their works. Slovenian artists will exhibit their paintings accompanied by over 600 artists, sculptors, graphic artists and photographers.

Each participant will receive 108 square metres of space and the right to exhibit three works. The opening will take place on 7 December at 6:00 p.m. All participants have to arrange expositions using their own resources. When considering works, the organizers take into account not only the legacy of professional artists. As noted, the main goal of the event is to select artworks of high quality regardless of the education of their authors.

The International Salon of the French National Association of Fine Arts (SNBA) is held in early December. Works of its participants are presented in the Carrousel du Louvre exhibition hall under the pyramid. In 1725, this hall hosted the first exhibition opened under the aegis of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Within the framework of the Salon 2017, two catalogues will be published (in English). The first will be a general catalogue with the works of all 600 participants, while the second catalogue will present paintings of Slovenian artists.

On 19 December, the exhibition of paintings presented at the Salon will be opened in Maribor.

Source: rtvslo.si