Experts: The Future Belongs to Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Alternative Energy Sources

Many pupils and students are interested in what professions will feature good prospects after their graduation.

The Adecco HR Agency identifies the following industries of the future professions: science, technology, technical sciences, and mathematics; computer engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence; health care and medicine; digital media; environmental protection, alternative energy sources and sustainable production. The agency notes that in the future, there will be a high demand for programmers, software engineers, database administrators, cloud service specialists, web developers, digital marketing specialists, social media administrators; nurses and doctors.

At the same time, according to experts, for successful professional self-realisation, young people should have not only professional knowledge, but also ingenuity, the communication and work skills in the digital environment, the ability to solve problematic issues.

The key to building a successful career lies in finding the first job already during the studies without waiting for an ideal vacancy announcement, as emphasised by HR-experts.