Exports to the EU in Slovenia Grew by 3.6% over the Past 10 Months

In October 2016, Slovenia exported goods for 2.151 billion euros. This is 0.7% less than in October 2015. Over the past 10 months of this year, exports has grown by 3.6% as compared to the same period last year.

During the year, imports decreased by 0.5% (2.055 billion euros), and over the past 10 months, it has been 2.4% higher than in the same period last year, as it was reported in the Statistics Service. The value of exports and imports in October 2016, as compared to the average monthly value of exports and imports in 2015, has grown. Exports increased by 7.8% and imports — by 5.8%.

In foreign trade, Slovenia created a surplus in the amount of 95.9 million euros in October. The excess of exports over imports reached 104.7%.

Exports of Slovenia Decreased in the EU

As compared to October 2015, Slovenia has exported 3.7% less goods (1.614 billion euros) to the EU countries. The total value of imports from the EU remained at the same level, and in October 2016, it amounted to 1.687 billion euros.

Exports to countries outside the EU, as compared to October last year, grew by 9.4% (536.8 million euros). The value of goods imported from these countries was 3% lower than in October 2015 and amounted to 368 million euros.

Source: rtvslo.si