Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics of the University of Maribor Hosts Summer Schools

At the end of August 2018, two summer schools were held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics at the University of Maribor. For the third year in a row, the Summer School for Computer Science has been organized. The Summer School for Telecommunications has become the novelty of this year.

The purpose of the schools is to introduce young people to the engineering and technical professions as well as to the faculty itself and to diversify the last days of summer holidays. This year, classes have been held for free in both summer schools. In total, 70 children participated in the work of 7 creative workshops.

The Institute of Computer Science organized the following creative workshops:

  1. Programming for Girls;
  2. Making a Sweets Dispenser;
  3. My First Computer Game (in cooperation with the Gymnasium of Murska Sobota);
  4. My First Game on the Android Platform (in cooperation with the basic school No. 4 in Celje).

The Summer School for Computer Science was organized with the financial support of such sponsors as Dewesoft, Comtrade and Adacta companies.

The participants received knowledge in telecommunications during the work of the following creative workshops:

  1. Information Technologies and Mobile Applications;
  2. iGaming, Lag and QoS;
  3. Linux for Telecommunications.

According to the Head of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Prof. Dr. Andrej Žgank, thanks to interesting practical examples, the participants got acquainted with the role of telecommunications in the modern world and simultaneously learned how to solve everyday problems with the help of engineering knowledge. The professor expressed confidence that the gained knowledge would form the basis for young people to choose ways of further education after graduating from a secondary school.

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