Fake Studies in Slovenia: an Attempt to Conquer Europe

About 150 residents of Nepal, India and Bangladesh, who were planning to come to the country under the guise of students, became the subject of attention of journalists and judicial bodies. Currently, the question of cancelling a previously obtained residence permit for these “students” is being considered.

In an interview to TV Slovenija, Tadeja Anžlovar said that two private educational institutions cooperated with an agency from India, which prepares documents for fake students for a certain fee. Universities were not only paid 200 euros of registration fee, but in the future, they could receive more than 100 thousand euros for such “students.”

After the journalists became interested in the situation, the Higher School of Business Sciences in Ljubljana informed that the students would not come to study, since they failed to complete the paperwork in due time. Police recommended the institution to cancel the student permissions to enter the country, since there was a legal offense.

The Academia School (Maribor) reported that they had been facing this problem for a year already. The representatives made it clear that they had also been addressed with such a request, but they did not want to be a “point of entry to Europe.” In addition to checking the agency that prepares documents, they also necessarily conduct an interview with a future student.

It is worth noting that young people paid 3,000 to 6,000 euros (contract value) for “studying” in Slovenia and another 2,000 euros for registering documents. Paying 5–8 thousand euros, persons, who do not fulfil the conditions for obtaining a visa, would have the right to enter the EU. According to TV Slovenija, this amount is less than the funds that they would pay to criminal groups, trying to circumvent the law from the other side.

This problem is acute in Slovenia. The country is one of the few who openly opposes parasites from other countries. Meanwhile, the Slovenians are open to those who come to them for the purpose of legal study or work. In Slovenia and the European labour market as a whole, there are many open vacancies among worker occupations. Having obtained a legal secondary vocational education, you can find a job without fear of the migration service and the police.

Studying in vocational schools and colleges in Slovenia, in addition to theoretical and practical knowledge, legal students receive work experience in the European Union. This gives an advantage when applying for a permanent job and affects retirement in the future.

After graduating from a secondary vocational educational institution, a graduate obtains an opportunity of seeking work in Slovenia during 6 months with a residence permit provision. The cost of study is also very attractive (from 1.5 thousand euros for one year).

Young people, who are ready to pay big money for the prospect of becoming a European “student,” have to understand that for less money they get an opportunity to receive education, residence permit, and work quite legally.