Festival of Architecture in Slovenia “Odprte Hiše Slovenije 2017”

On 21–23 April, the largest architectural festival in Slovenia “Odprte Hiše Slovenije” will be held, in which state and commercial institutions participate. This year the number of contestants will reach 70 persons. Visitors will be able to see many architectural projects: workplaces, kindergartens, museums and open-air pilot projects.

“Let architecture improve your life” — this is the motto of the “Odprte hiše Slovenije 2017” festival. The festival strives to emphasize the role and values ​​of modern architecture and interior solutions. The concept of the festival determines the inextricable relationship between design and quality of life.

Fascinantne stavbe po Sloveniji

Anyone can take part in the event held in 34 cities around the world within the framework of the international Open House Worldwide project. During the festival, you can find both modern facilities and architectural monuments of historical value.

Since the functionality of the buildings is determined not only by architects, but also to a large extent by ordinary people, officials, investors, technical specialists and organizers of the festival, the Odprte Hiše organisers address all interested parties to participate in the design of buildings. From year to year, the attendance of the festival is growing and has already reached 3,000 people.

Initially, the festival cooperated only with experts, but over time, its target audience has significantly expanded and more people have enriched their horizons with interesting knowledge about architecture.

Examinations of some exclusive private projects, for example, “Hiša na Golem”, for which the Arhitektura Krušec Bureau this year has won the Prešeren Prize, have been already limited in view of the great excitement, but, within the framework of the festival, a lot of other equally bright architectural objects are available. Preliminary registration is required to inspect these projects.

Source: siol.net