Festival of Photography Is Held in Maribor

On 15–30 September 2018, Maribor hosts the Festival of Photography. The festival is attended by 53 authors, including the famous British photographer Judah Passow (whose works are often published by leading American and European publications), as well as Slovenian and foreign exhibitors, such as Stojan Kerbler, Jože Suhadolnik, Branimir Ritonja, Mišo Hochstätter, Peter Koštrun, Matej Sitar, Arne Hodalič, Nabuyoshija Arakija, Sergeja Melničenka, Inge Morath, Gorana Pavletića, Taha Ahmada, etc.

Within the framework of the event, 30 exhibitions have been opened. They work at different addresses and symbolically unite all the galleries of the city.

The main purpose of the festival is to present a variety of motives and media. Selected motifs range from the documentary, erotic and urban to the portrait, landscape and personalized content and are represented through various photographic approaches and practices. Within the framework of the exhibition, a number of workshops, lectures, round tables and talks about the art of photography are held.

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Source: delo.si