Festival of Street Food Odprta Kuhna

Odprta Kuhna is a popular street food festival in Slovenia. From early spring until late autumn, it pleases the army of admires of delicious food and easy communication with the new culinary trends.

The geography of Odprta Kuhna is quite extensive. It is open at the local market place (Mestna tržnica) in Celje, at the Carpaccio Square in Koper, at the Bevkov Square in Nova Gorica, as well as in Styria, Primorska and on the Adriatic coast. In Ljubljana, the festival is held at the Pogačar Square (Pogačarjev trg) on ​​every (sunny) Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and in the summer – until 10:00 p.m. The festival is invariably accompanied by joyful smiles and laughter, and in the air above the square, there are fine spicy aromas of dishes one can’t refuse.

More than 100 restaurants from all over Slovenia have already presented their products at the Odprta Kuhna festival. Guests of the event were able to taste more than 1,000 different dishes and drinks of Slovene and foreign cuisines.

A light snack in a pleasant company will be a nice addition to a walk around the Old Town. You will certainly want to try the dishes of local cuisine and culinary specialties of other countries, to enjoy Slovenian wine or craft beer and plunge into the amazing atmosphere of the largest festival of street food in Slovenia.

In January 2014, the organizers of the culinary festival received the Jakob Award for excellent service and quality of tourist services in the Alpe Jadran region. The representatives of the Ljubljana Economic Exhibition annually award this prize. In October of the same year, the festival was awarded the Sejalec Prize for the most innovative Slovenian tourist product of the last two years. Sejalec is the SPIRIT Slovenija Agency prize awarded for creative and innovative achievements in the field of tourism.

Source: odprtakuhna.si