Film by Slovenian director Matjaž Ivanišin Wins the International Georges de Beauregard Prize

A documentary ‘Playing Men’ by the Slovenian director and screenwriter Matjaž Ivanišin was awarded the international Georges de Beauregard prize at the 28th FID International Film Festival (Marseille, France).

The movie was also awarded by the postproduction studio Video de Poche, which will make a copy of the DCP-film, as the Slovenian Film Centre reported.

The ‘Playing Men’ film was first shown internationally. The film, created under the auspices of the producing house Nosorogi with the participation of the partner Restart House (Croatia), as well as with the financial support of the Slovenian Film Centre and the Audiovisual Centre (Croatia), tells about the filming of a documentary about men and the game, during which the director finds himself in deep creative crisis. He begins to perceive the world around him as part of a game, in which childhood memories and images of characters from an unfinished film are intertwined.

Earlier Matjaž Ivanišin gained fame due to his film ‘Karpopotnik’, which premiered in Rotterdam in 2014. Then the movie was presented at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and at the Traverse City festival.

FID Marseille, held in Marseille from 11 to 17 July, is one of the largest author’s cinema festivals. Annually, the festival shows about 150 documentaries and feature films, which are viewed by approximately 25,000 spectators.