Finnish Santa Claus Visits Slovenia

The most famous resident of Rovaniemi came to Slovenia at the invitation of the Finnish Embassy in Ljubljana. The Finnish Santa Claus (Joulupukki) visited the Paediatric Clinic in Ljubljana, participated in the Sila Bazaar together with the Mayor Zoran Janković, and then demonstrated his mastery of figure skating accompanied by the President Borut Pahor.

Joulupukki, as the Finns call him, lives in Lapland on the Ear Fell. Since the fell has the shape of an ear, he can hear the wishes of children from all over the world. Before the holidays, Joulupukki traditionally goes on tour around the world. This year, he has also visited Slovenia.

Children could send their letters with drawings and wishes to Joulupukki in all places he visited, and even in the hotel where Joulupukki lived.

The purpose of the most famous New Year’s character visit is to strengthen the friendly Slovenian and Finnish relationships as well as to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Finland’s independence.