For the Information of Entrants: School Centre Velenje, Higher Vocational College

The School Centre Velenje, Higher Vocational College was opened in 1996. Electronics was the first study programme offered by the College. Three years later, the Geotechnology and Mining programme appeared in this educational institution. In subsequent years, such programmes as Informatics, Housing and Public Services and Environmental Protection, Mechatronics, Hotel and Restaurant Business and Tourism were also launched. For more than 20 years of the College existence, it has enrolled about 10,000 students.

The College can be justly proud of its material and technical base, especially the laboratories featuring the equipment identical to that used in local enterprises. Seminars are held in small groups, which allows each student to learn a maximum of professional material. The necessary educational literature is available to students in a so-called virtual audience, as well as in a modern library with a reading room.

The process of training in the College is focused on preparation for working in the manufacturing sphere. The Velenje College actively cooperates on an ongoing basis with the enterprises of the region to ensure practical training of its students. Local enterprises serve as a ground for 40% of the academic process, during which students under the guidance of mentors are working on specific tasks. Right during their studies, students participate in various activities that allow them to deepen their knowledge, improve their professional skills and develop useful contacts. For example, students of the Velenje College take part in competitions under the auspices of the Tourism Board of Slovenia and the Tourism Exchange; in competitions held within the framework of the Olympics of Professions; and actively participate in the work on many projects.

Particular attention is paid to the students’ possibility of receiving practical education abroad. Every year, as part of the Erasmus+ project, a significant number of students go to study abroad on exchange programmes. Given the fact that for the majority of foreign students the main working language is English, most of the exchange programmes take place in Malta. Some students make a different choice. Therefore, they have an opportunity to study in Spain, Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

In the future, the College will continue to realize its core goal of training highly qualified specialists who, thanks to the knowledge gained, will be competitive in the labour market. The emphasis on continuous lifelong education and the applied nature of the curricula assures a professional demand for the graduates of this institution. As a rule, they have no problems with employment.

It should be noted that the second round of admission to the Velenje College will pass from 27 to 31 August 2018. The College expects applicants, including foreign ones, to enter its walls. For all questions related to admission, please contact the 2TM experts.

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