Forbes: Slovenia Is One of the World’s Best Countries for Women

Slovenia took the 4th place in the world ranking on the observance of women’s rights published by the American Forbes Magazine. The ranking takes into account 152 countries.

The ranking is based on the global safety index prepared by the Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace & Security (USA) and the Peace Research Institute in Oslo (Norway). The index takes into account several criteria, including the integration of women in public life, justice and security.

According to this index, the best situation with women’s rights is in Iceland (1st place in the ranking), Norway and Switzerland. Slovenia goes right the next. For comparison, the USA takes the 22nd place. In Forbes, this is explained by the fact that the USA is the only country in the ranking (except for Papua New Guinea), in which there is no paid maternity leave.

It is not surprising that at the end of the list, there are the countries, in which armed conflicts have been lasting for many years. The worst situation with women’s rights is in Syria. It is followed by Afghanistan and Yemen.