Free Training on the Physics and Astrophysics Programme at the University of Nova Gorica

The Administrative Council of the University has cancelled the tuition fee for students who apply for the Physics and Astrophysics Master’s programme (full-time learning) in the 2017/2018 academic year.

Tuition fees are cancelled for all students, regardless of their citizenship.

Those who have been enrolled to the University this year will receive the right to study on a general basis, free of charge until the end of the training period.

The deadline for submitting documents is 20 September 2017.

The University of Nova Gorica was founded in 2006. According to the international U-Multirank ranking, the University surpasses many universities of the region (for example, the University of Graz, the University of Trieste, the University of Padova, and the University of Zagreb). In 2016, it took the 203rd place according to the data provided by the international Round University Ranking (RUR), which evaluates and ranks the world’s best universities.

A special pride of the University is the hadron collider, located in the Laboratory for Elementary Particle Astrophysics. This particle accelerator appeared thanks to the cooperation of the University in Nova Gorica and the Japan Centre for High Energy Physics. They together carry out research in the field of elementary particles of B-meson decays.

During training, students of the Faculty are involved in research activities in five laboratories and research centres that provide scientific support to the Faculty. They include the Laboratory for Astrophysics of Elementary Particles, the Laboratory for Physics of Organic Matters, the Laboratory for Multiphase Processes, the Centre for Atmospheric Research, the Materials Research Laboratory, and the Quantum Optics Laboratory. The results of the research work of these laboratories and research centre fall into the top scientific achievements of Slovenian scientists and are published in prestigious scientific journals such as the Nature, the Science, and the Nature Photonics.