Free Transportation of Small-sized Cargo and Passengers Is Launched in Piran

Free transportation of small-sized cargo and passengers on two electric cars Dostavka and Maestro has been launched in Piran since 1 May 2018. Expenses for this service are covered by the city municipality. The service operates under the auspices of the local utility company Okolje Piran. This service allows residents of Piran to transport small-size cargo and conveniently move around the city.

The project is implemented within the framework of the municipal mobility programme and aims to improve the quality of life by optimizing traffic, making effective use of limited space, implementing sustainable solutions, and encouraging environmentally friendly and energy efficient transport.

The service will be available until 30 September 2018. Working hours: daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Break: from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm. The route passes only within the city (to the Fornače garage and to the city cemetery).

Information and ordering of an electric vehicle: 031 288 574 (Maestro), 031 391 992 (Dostavka).

The service should be ordered at least 1 hour before the expected departure. The Maestro electric vehicle is dispatched by occupancy. The Maestro electric vehicle reservation service is not available. The second electric vehicle Dostavka carries small-size cargo and equipment (furniture, devices, groceries, etc.) Employees of the Okolje Piran Company recommend ordering the transportation service at least 24 hours in advance.