Fried Frog Legs (Žabji kraki)


  1. 400 g frog legs,
  2. 50 g white flour,
  3. 2 eggs,
  4. 50 g crushed breadcrumbs,
  5. 3 pinches of salt,
  6. sunflower oil.


Rinse frog legs thoroughly, dry them with paper towels and rub with salt. Break two eggs into a bowl and beat them well. Prepare bowls with flour and crushed breadcrumbs.

Dredge frog legs first in flour, then in eggs and at last in crushed breadcrumbs. Put on fire a deep frying pan and heat the sunflower oil well in it. Fry the frog legs for about 10 minutes, constantly turning until golden-yellow from all sides. Then put the fried frog legs on paper napkins to get rid of the excess oil.

Put them on plates and serve to the table with any side dish.

Further Tips

Fry frog legs in a lot of oil. They should float in it.