From Minsk — through SA — to Dakar. A Company Signed the Largest Contract for 8 Million Euros in Georgia upon the Recommendation of a Designer.

When working with five-star hotels, recommendations are the most important issue.

Stilles: A full cycle of hotel furniture manufacturing and designing on a “turnkey” basis opens the doors of five-star hotels for a company from Sevnica.

Five years ago, the Stilles manufacturer of stylish furniture for hotels did not provide installation services. Today the Company starts control over its products from checking the regularity of the construction company work and ends with the delivery of rooms on a turnkey basis. Such package proposal increases the profit and improves the Company’s reputation. It received the largest 8-million contract in Georgia thanks to the recommendation of a designer.

“When working with five-star hotels, recommendations are the most important issue. Investors know their business. When you are working on a franchise, different projects involve the same people. This is the first and the most important channel for receiving new contracts. We received the Georgian project due to our own marketing strategy and development, but in general it is the result of a recommendation given by the designer,” Rock Barbich, the President of the Company Board, says.

A hotel of the Mariott franchise at the Black Sea will have 220 rooms, the value of the agreement, which includes decoration of rooms and public areas in the hotel on a turnkey basis, exceeds half of the total last year’s revenue, which amounted to 15.6 million euros. While the installation procedures on site have not yet been completed, the Black Sea contract has already opened new doors for the Company. “In Georgia, we have also completed a design project for a model room in the Tbilisi Mariott Hotel. I hope that in September we will agree to sign the contract,” Barbich continues.

The Stilles Company had a similar successful experience in Minsk, where in 2013 an agreement was signed with the Rik Company, and then a supplement thereto for the decoration of 197 rooms in the most prestigious Belarusian hotel of Kempinski brand. It was the first major hotel where Stilles provided comprehensive service of a full-fledged design for hotel facilities — from developing a project of room decoration to installing equipment. “Since we were already known in the market, later on we also decorated the Mariott Hotel with 220 rooms in Minsk,” the Chairman of the Company says.