Future Engineers Will Compete in Zagreb

The International Students Association EESTEC LC Ljubljana, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Siemens Company selected three teams of future engineers who had proven to be the best during the National PLC+ Challenge Contest. The first team included Jakob Delič, Luka Brodnik, and Aljaž Obreza; the second — Grega Jezeršek, Žan Bunič, and Jure Brašanac, and the third — Marija Ivanovska, Tilen Pugelj, and Matej Peterka. All of them will represent Slovenia at the regional project finals in Zagreb on the 10th of June this year, where they will match strength with the teams from Croatia and Serbia. The three best teams of the region will be rewarded with a possibility to pass training in the “Siemens” Company and make a professional visit to one of the global centres of expertise managed by the “Siemens” Company.


The experience of theoretical and practical work

This year, Slovenia has for the first time hosted the PLC+ Challenge 2016 project, which passed in two stages. The theoretical part included lectures conducted by the experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and various Slovenian companies. In addition to the “Siemens” Company representatives, the employees of the Elcona, Gorenje projekta and Sistemov IN ES companies also shared their experience in working with the PLC. During the practical part, the students had to solve a task, during the implementation of which they gained knowledge about the process of beer production and applied it to the program management of a brewery via the PLC.


The students are more than satisfied with the project

The project aims at providing the promising future engineers with the new knowledge and preparing them to work in a real environment by increasing their competitiveness in the labour market. The students themselves also confirmed the fact that the PLC+ Challenge 2016 project was an excellent opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. “We took part in the competition in order to learn more about the new logic controllers and check to see how well we can perform and organize the team work,” the members of the third winning team Marija, Tilen and Matej said. Grega, Žan and Jure added that the project was one of the few opportunities where they could show off their skills and knowledge. Jakob, Luka and Aljaž also agreed and noted the following: “The contest gave us a lot of experience in programming the Siemens devices. We also learned to solve big tasks and divide them into smaller sub-tasks.”


Source: fe.uni-lj.si