General R. Maister’s Library Is Declared a Cultural Monument of National Importance

The Government of Slovenia has declared the General R. Maister’s Library, located at the Maribor University Library, a cultural monument of national importance. Thus, it has highlighted the special significance of the book heritage left by General Rudolf Maister, which is an important source for understanding historical processes and phenomena, their connection with modern culture, as well as the memory of the outstanding personality of Rudolf Maister.

The General R. Maister’s Library is part of a special fund of the Department of Domestic History of the Maribor University Library. In October 1998, on behalf of the family of General Maister, his grandson Borut Maister presented the books of his outstanding grandfather to the library. The collection comprises 5,945 books.

As an example of “one of the largest and best private libraries in Slovenia,” the Maribor University Library, which is the central library of the University of Maribor and the guardian of the cultural heritage of the Slovenian people and the state, the scientific heritage of Maribor and the region, as well as the library of national history, keeps the precious collection in the proper conditions and demonstrates it with pride to numerous visitors.

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