German Company Hofer Invites Bachelors to the International Retail Management Master’s Program

Hofer invites bachelors to the International Retail Management Master’s program. The program is taught at the ESB Business School (University of Reutlingen, Germany). At the same time, Slovenian students will be able to do practical training in Slovenia as regional sales managers.

Candidates will study at a 4-semester Master’s program in October 2017. The International Retail Management program is a combination of theory and practical work aimed at the real needs of wholesale and retail trade.

Candidates who want to enrol in the program must complete any Bachelor’s study program, have a level of academic achievement above the average, and be proficient in German and English. Candidates will pass the selection procedure in Slovenia and Germany. Hofer will sign immediately an employment contract with the selected students for the position of a regional sales manager. In the course of the two-year training program, participants will visit Germany 8 times (the duration of one trip is 14 days). In the remaining time, they will pass practical training in Slovenia.

Hofer will fully pay for the training of candidates and provide complete organizational support for fulfilling academic obligations and successfully passing the internship. The Company will provide a flexible working schedule and distribution of obligations in their own discretion, targeted training and training within the Hofer Academy. For personal and working needs, students will also be provided with an office car and a mobile phone.

Hofer, as a member of the international business group ALDI Süd, provides young managers with an opportunity of career growth beyond Slovenia—in Austria, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, the USA, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Hungary.

In Slovenia, where many companies complain about the lack of necessary work skills in candidates, this practice is not yet available. As reported in the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, starting from the 2017/2018 academic year, secondary vocational schools in Slovenia will renew compulsory internship in the following programs: carpenter (mizar), mason (kamnosek), worker in the field of gastronomy and hotel business (gastronomske in hotelske storitve), and carver of metal – toolmaker (oblikovalec Kovin – orodjar).

This dual model of education has been working in Germany since the mid-1970s of the XX century. Students will spend half of the academic time at the faculty, and half—in companies and enterprises, while receiving an official salary. Dual education is an integral part of higher education realized in universities, higher vocational schools and art schools. Dual education has a practical emphasis and is developed in response to corporate demand for specific qualified employees with work experience. To apply for admission process, please visit the website