Go Ahead to the Chinese Market

Klet Brda and the Alps Wine Company, which successfully supplies and sells Slovenian wines in China, expanded their cooperation. The Klet Brda owners acquired 25% share of the Alps Wine Company. In the coming years, they plan to increase the sales volumes of high-quality wines by more than 2 times in the upper price segment of the much promising Chinese market.

Dobrovo. “We combined the knowledge of wines and the Chinese market, which will increase the growth of Slovenian wines sales to the Chinese customer,” the director of Kleti Brda, Silvan Persholja, explained his decision to become a co-owner of the Alps Wine Company.

The idea of ​​integration was formed based on the long-term cooperation between the two companies. The China’s economic development, due to strengthening the purchasing power and the growing consumption of wine and food products of European origin in Asia, opens the new opportunities for the Slovenian winemakers. Previously, the Alps Wine Company exported wines to China in the amount of almost 1 million euros. However, having combined the efforts, the companies-partners now hope to increase their revenue up to 2 million euros within two years.

They plan to achieve this result by increasing investments in marketing and mastering this fast growing market more systematically. “The fact that the Alps Wine Company invited us to enter into the ownership structure stems from the belief that together we can go up a notch. Previously, it was rather a “probing” of the market, but now it is time for bolder steps. This will strengthen the basis for the export of Slovenian wines from different manufacturers, which cooperated with the Alps Wine Company, and open the door to all those who are just starting to work in this direction. No other manufacturer, seriously counting on the growth of exports, can afford its absence in the Chinese market,” Silvan Persholja said. In addition to Kleti Brda, the Alps Wine Company has been already cooperating with the qualified winemakers of Primorska, for example with Santomas, Ščurek, Edi Simčič and others.

The Chinese particularly admire the varieties of red high quality wines of the upper price segment.

Silvan Persholja estimates that this sales platform can also be used to export other Slovenian food products. “I believe that together we can more effectively improve the credibility of Slovenia as a tourist and wine country and, above all, to sell bigger volumes of Slovenian wine,” Martin Gobec, the director and one of the 4 owners of the Alps Wine Company, said.


Source: zurnal24.si