Goalkeeper from Atletico Madrid, Slovene Jan Oblak, Sets a New Record

Goalkeeper from Atletico Madrid, Slovene Jan Oblak, sets a new record: in 178 matches played for his team, he had 100 matches without goals. The teammates gave him a nickname “Wall” for his reliability.

This record is unique not only for the history of Atletico Club, but also for the history of all European football. The Slovenian goalkeeper played 74 matches without goals in the Spanish Championship, 20 – in the UEFA Champions League, 4 – in the UEFA Europa League, and 2 – in the Cup of Spain.

It is worth noting that Jan Oblak has been in favour of the Spanish Club since the summer of 2014. Prior to that, he played for Olimpija (Ljubljana) and Benfica (Lisbon). Over the 178 matches played for Atletico, he faced only 32 defeats and missed 114 goals (0.64 goals per game). In 18 matches played for the Slovenian National Team, Jan Oblak missed 12 goals (0.67 goals per game).

Jan Oblak has excellent statistics on penalty kicks: out of 13 11-metre kicks to his net, the Slovene parried 7, which is more than a half.

Thanks to his achievements, the Slovenian goalkeeper today is among the three world’s best and most expensive goalkeepers. Its transfer value in the current year makes a record of 100 million euros.

Source: siol.net